Hawaiian Airlines vs Alaska Airlines vs American Airlines: Cheapest Flights To Hawaii
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Hawaiian Airlines vs Alaska Airlines vs American Airlines: Cheapest Flights To Hawaii

Hawaiian airlines are ideal for those who want the full Hawaiian experience since they are local and offer a local feel such as guava juice on flights. Alaska Air is an effective choice for those who want to find the lowest deal on a flight to Hawaii, especially if it happens on a whim. American Airlines will work well if what you really want is to be as comfortable as possible on your way since they have extras like leg room and WiFi.
Covered in this report
Hawaiian Airlines — Best Features
Surfboards included within free baggage limit.
Get unadvertised fares to Hawaii by signing up with the Hawaiian Miles program.
Best for: Those who'd rather use a native airlines specifically geared for trips to Hawaii.
Alaska Airlines — Best Features
Price guarantee means you can get the rate of a competitor if you do it within 24 hours.
Get potential Hawaiian flight deals emailed to you weekly.
Best for: Bargain hunters looking for the lowest deals on a Hawaii flight option possible
Best deal: 7% off All Base Fare Levels. excluding fares that end with N5/N6 in fare basis codes - [activate coupon]
American Airlines — Best Features
Use electronic devices the whole trip even during takeoff and landing.
24 hour, toll-free phoneline for support.
Best for: Those looking for comfort on their trip to Hawaii.

A trip out to Hawaii is often considered one of the most luxurious vacation ideas in the United States. It’s true that it’s important to choose your Hawaii travel arrangements carefully, however. Here are a few examples of airlines that you can book for a trip to Hawaii, including the comparative options for each.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is focused largely on flights to and from Hawaii, so you won’t have as much luck getting a flight from them if you’re too far away from that region of the world. Apparently they serve Hawaii-specific stuff on board like guava juice.


  • Many Arrival Cities in Hawaii-You can choose Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Lihue, Lanai City, Kahului, or Hoolehua for arrival cities in Hawaii. The airline also lets you fly from Hawaii to locations in North America, Asia, and the South Pacific.
  • Surf Boards Included in Free Baggage Allowance-Some airlines don’t allow surfboards, kiteboards, paddleboard or wake boards in the free baggage limit, but the Hawaiian Airline appears to understand one of the main draws to their island and so allows for it.
  • Hawaiian Miles Frequent Flyer Program-Just like most airlines, Hawaiian Airlines lets you get miles for free flights and other perks. One of the benefits to becoming a member is that you get 40% off checked baggage.

Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines company is an effective choice if you’re looking for deals on Hawaiian flights since the website is absolutely full of potential deal features.


  • Price Guarantee-If you find a cheaper fare on tickets to Hawaii on AlaskaAir, you can complete a price guarantee request form which is available from the ‘Price guarantee” link at the top right of the main site. You can also do this by just clicking the blue “Request” button on this page. If you do it within 24 hours of purchasing your AlaskaAir ticket and it’s at least $10 less on the other site with the same itinerary, you can get the lower rate this way. You can even do this for flights within AlaskaAir that are cheaper than the one you bought.
  • Last Minute Flight Deals-You can get flight deals at the last minute for cheaper than normal. These don’t always go to Hawaii, but you never know when one that goes there will show up.
  • Get Deals Emailed to You Weekly-If you’re worried about missing out when a potential Hawaiian flight deal shows up on the site, you can sign up for the newsletter and get them emailed to you to make sure this doesn’t happen.


American Airlines

American Airlines is a major airline that will often have a lot of features that other smaller airlines may lack. This includes luxury amenities like being able to lie completely flat if you take a business flight. This could also include 3 checked bags and considerably extra leg room for those who go with first class. They even allow same day flight changes as long as the flight was available.


  • 24-hour Toll-free Phone Support-American Airlines can offer more phone support than other airlines due to its size. This means you can call them about your Hawaii flight every day, whenever you want, and in several languages. They even have hearing and speech impaired support.
  • Country-specific Homepages-If you’re looking for help for your specific country, you can choose your country of choice at the top of the web page where the flag icon is listed.
  • Admirals Club for Hawaiian Passengers and Others-This membership gives you a considerable number of perks. Examples include seating that lets you lie fully back if you take Business Class.
  • Wi-Fi in 81% of Planes-You can now gain access to Wi-Fi in most any plane travelling to Hawaii.
  • 97% of Planes Have Personal Entertainment-There are video screens on the backs of the seat in front of you now so you can stream video-on-demand.

Head to Head


The cheapest normal flights to Hawaii start at around $429. This is actually for a roundtrip, but the example is from some place not far away such as Oakland, California when travelling to Kahului and Maui. It’s also only if you book 2 months or so ahead of time. Some people report trips round trip inside of Hawaii for as cheap as $170.

The cheapest round trip options come out to about $480 for the same trip at the same time. By going a different day, you can get a rate as low as $438. But this is before the deals that lower the rate even more.

This exact trip would cost $575 for one person on American Airlines, including the round trip. The first class version would be considerably more.

Overall, the price for American Airlines flights to Hawaii is definitely more expensive than the other alternatives without a doubt, but you get extra amenities for that price.

Airline flight prices change rapidly, it is always best to check around.


Hawaiian Airlines is focused mostly on Hawaii, so they don’t tend to fly if you get too far away from Hawaii such as Africa. You may have to get a connecting flight first if you’re too far away.  The contact page for the site gives you links for email and phone calls. They have a PO Box even if you’d rather send them something in snail mail. The email link is a form letter, but it’s easier to navigate than many form email systems since you only need to choose from a handful of reasons for emailing, an address, and the message.

One interesting feature from Alaska Air is the “Ask Jen” option which is a virtual assistant. You can type in questions and the assistant will try to match you up with answers on the FAQ page. You can also get email and phone support as well though the email option makes you go through lots of hoops before you can just send something. There are many different phone numbers to choose from including for “reservations” “Customer Care” and others.

You can contact American Airlines in multiple different languages through phone or email, 24 hours a day, toll-free. This includes tech support and help with other languages such as Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. 

Additional Information
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines Coupon Code: EC3423 - 5% off select flight deals - Activate
Alaska Airlines Coupon Code: ECMA110 - 7% off All Base Fare Levels. excluding fares that end with N5/N6 in fare basis codes - Activate
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